Revolutionize your swimming pool with the latest graphic design trend – are you ready to make a splash?

Are you anticipating a unique and classy revamp for your swimming pool?

Revolution in the swimming pool design #

Perhaps, you’re the one who always wants to stay ahead of the trends amongst your friends. Well, there is a fresh and highly graphical trend that is making waves in the world of swimming pool designs.

When constructing a pool, the choice of coating is one of the most critical decisions, as it sets the tone of your pool. The traditional liners and mosaic tiled coatings have long been the go-to options for many. However, the dawn of 2024 is witnessing a shift towards a more characterful style.

Stripes – the trendiest decorative pattern #

Stripes have taken over! From walls, furnitures to accessories, everything in the house and the patio is being adorned with stripes, preferably wide and monochrome. The striking relief effects and the vibrant colors they bring are mesmerizing.

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The warm season is the perfect time to flaunt this timeless pattern. The blue, yellow, or red stripes evoke memories of old-fashioned deckchairs, Breton charm, or even Mediterranean style. This graphical print has the power to visually enlarge any space, making it a significant trend this year.

Striped pool coating – how to incorporate it? #

The wave of stripes has even captured swimming pools! This summer, say goodbye to the typical PVC liner or tiled mosaic pool coatings. The peak of elegance is now the striped pool edging. Pool exterior specialists have dared to take up this challenge.

The outcome is a unique, graphical, and classy private pool inviting you to enjoy the ‘Dolce Vita’ by the waterside, visually lengthening or widening a small pool. This trend is sure to redefine the aesthetics of swimming pool tiles, which are often assembled generically.

  • Striped pool coating
  • Mosaic tiled coating
  • PVC liner coating

The variant to consider: checkered pool bottom #

Another trend in pool coating, following the wave of stripes, is the large, two-colored tiles that mimic a chessboard pattern. The checkered pattern, a popular print in recent years, adapts perfectly to the pool’s « walls », giving them an ultra-sophisticated and luxurious charm.

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In short, in 2024, swimming pools have become more creative (and geometric) than ever! Despite the uncertain context, it continues to make the French dream. According to a recent survey commissioned by the French Federation of Pool Builders, 4 out of 10 French people with a swimming pool-compatible plot would like to build a pool – to better escape all summer without moving!


  • What is the latest trend in swimming pool design?
    Striped coatings and checkered patterns are the latest trends in swimming pool design.
  • How do stripes and checkered patterns affect the look of the pool?
    These patterns can visually enlarge the pool and give it a unique and classy look.
  • Are these new trends practical?
    Yes, these trends are not just visually appealing but also practical and durable.
  • Who can implement these new trends in my pool?
    Pool exterior specialists can help you implement these trends in your pool.
  • Can I use these patterns in my small pool?
    Yes, these patterns can visually lengthen or widen a small pool. est édité de façon indépendante. Soutenez la rédaction en nous ajoutant dans vos favoris sur Google Actualités :

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